Bus and Coach Driver Job Opportunities

Bus and coach companies across NSW are looking for motivated people with good customer service skills and a positive attitude to join their team. Most bus and coach companies offer full time, part time and casual positions.

Why become a bus or coach driver?

A career as a bus or coach driver can include benefits such as:

  • Job Security
  • Excellent work/life balance
  • Flexible employment hours
  • A friendly working environment
  • Transferable skills
  • Involvement in the local community

It is a great time to consider a career change and no prior bus or coach driving experience is necessary.

What type of work is available?

Bus and coach operators are looking for drivers to provide:

  • Regular Passenger (local route) Services
  • School Bus Services
  • Rail Replacement Services
  • Long Distance, Tourist and Charter services

What qualifications do I need to start work as a bus or coach driver?

To drive a bus or coach with passengers in NSW, you will need a:

For BusNSW information on Bus Driver Authority training – click here.

Will bus and coach operators help me get a licence upgrade and driver authority?

Some bus and coach operators will assist applicants to obtain a Drivers Licence upgrade and Bus Driver Authority, and this may involve subsiding the cost. Applicants should contact their local operator using the search facility below to discuss employment and training opportunities.

Where can I find a local job?

With depots located throughout NSW, working for a bus or coach company allows applicants to work close to home.

The BusNSW search facility below allows you to find contact details for local bus and coach operators based on entering your residential postcode and how far you are willing to travel (radial distance).

Call your local bus or coach operator today to discuss job opportunities.

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