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An outline of the BusNSW staff and Executive.

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Matt Threlkeld
Executive Director


Matt Threlkeld is the Executive Director of BusNSW, assuming the role in August 2017. BusNSW incorporates the Bus & Coach Association (NSW) Inc, Bus and Coach Industrial Association (NSW), and Bus and Coach Co-operative Society NSW Ltd.

Matt is an experienced transport and industry association senior executive with a background in managing contracts, people, fleet, marketing and events. Recognised for his bus industry knowledge, Matt has contributed to the development of bus service contracts, funding models, accreditation requirements, and enterprise agreements, and has experience in working with government and community consultation.

Prior to joining BusNSW in an industry development role, Matt was a third-generation operator of a large bus and coach business in South West Sydney. As General Manager, Matt managed the company’s government contracts, accreditation compliance, service delivery, employee relations and communications.

Matt has a strong focus on the corporate brand, and has developed and implemented rebranding campaigns whilst managing marketing across online and offline mediums.

After spending his childhood cleaning buses, Matt started driving buses from age 20 whilst completing a Commerce Degree.

Phil Whipp Colour Web

Philip Whipp
Industry Development


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Melissa Bowden
Events & Member Services


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Sanjana Shankar
Accounts Manager
(Mon, Wed, Thurs)


Jacqui Jaeger Colour Web

Jacqui Jaeger
(Mon – Wed)

Administration &
Graphic Design

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Lana Mellish

Administration &


Karim Hussain Colour Web

Karim Hussain

Member Advice &
Special Projects


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Steve Lynch
Member Advice &
Special Projects


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