Industry Awards

BusNSW presents a variety of awards that recognise excellence within every facet of the bus and coach industry.

2019 Achiever Award –  sponsored by SURA Australian Bus & Coach

Winner: Greg Abel from Nowra Coaches

The Hon Paul Toole MP, Tony LaRocca (SURA), Greg Abel (Nowra Coaches)

The winner of the 2019 NSW Achiever Award sponsored by SURA Australia Bus and Coach has more than 20 years’ experience in the bus and coach industry, taking a role with a bus operator that has seen considerable growth in their diverse operations.

Our achiever has a Senior Management position with their employer, being responsible for “all things” compliance related and operations for a large fleet.

During our winner’s time in this role, the industry has seen much greater emphasis on compliance through bus service contracts, the Bus Operator Accreditation Scheme, Workplace Health and Safety Legislation and Chain of Responsibility laws.

In addition to responsibilities for compliance and operations, this person has led the successful delivery of industry leading innovation projects, including an on demand transport pilot and an electric bus trial, which have highlighted both the talent and passion of our achiever.

This year’s achiever is known for “getting into the detail” and has been willing to provide feedback to BusNSW on a range of topics over many years.

Our winner holds a Certificate of Transport Management, several Work Health and Safety Accreditations, along with Training and Assessment qualifications.

2018 Innovative Operator of the Year

Winner: Punchbowl Bus Company

John King (BusNSW President), Alex Murray (Punchbowl Bus), The Hon. Andrew Contstance

This year’s award recognises a Sydney bus company that has evolved its business operations to meet the specific needs of their passengers to enhance customers’ experience.

Following the submission of a proposal to operate an on-demand bus service in South-west Sydney the company was selected by Transport for NSW to undertake a pilot.

In October 2017 the company introduced an on-demand service which uses a small accessible vehicle to transport customers between a local railway station and a “Park and Ride” facility and a large hospital.

This innovative service is the first on-demand transport pilot to commence operation in NSW.

Since the service’s commencement patronage has steadily grown and has provided a real solution to parking and congestion problems around the hospital.

This year’s award goes to a family business that has serviced south-western Sydney since 1947.

2018 Contribution to the Industry

Winner: Frank D’Apuzzo from Buslines Group

Pictured : John King (BusNSW President), Peter Ferris accepting award on behalf of Frank (Buslines Group), The Hon. Andrew Contstance

The winner of this year’s award has been involved with one of NSW’s largest bus operations for over 40 years and has been a major contributor to the Bus & Coach Industry in NSW.

He served as the President of BusNSW for 6 years and has been a member of the Board of Management since its inception in 2005.

Over many years he has been actively involved with BusNSW committees, including policy and planning, rural and regionl, and audit, finance and remuneration.

He has been through a number of rural and regional contract cycles, and IPART fare reviews, where he was at the forefront of discussions with government, and his financial skills were highly valued.

The winner has successfully managed quality depots, fleet, systems and staff, including mentoring the next generation of family members.

Over many years this person has contributed an enormous amount of his own time to attend meetings and work on industry matters.

2018 Supplier of the Year

Winner: Volgren

John King (BusNSW President), John Allen (Volgren), The Hon. Andrew Contstance

The 2018 Supplier of the Year, Volgren, has serviced BusNSW members for decades, providing outstanding service with an excellent team, that is always willing to support operators and their staff.

Volgren has a reputation for value based on “whole-of-life-cost”, and after-sales support from its facility in Sydney.

Volgre has been able to revolutionise its production methods in response to unprecedented demand from initiatives such as the Epping-to-Chatswood Station-Link project, which has led to a production average of 2.5 buses per day.

For the first half of 2018 alone, the company will supply 140 buses to NSW operators and another 20 buses to the ACT.

Volgren has proven its capability to reliably deliver large volume orders to the bus industry and work with multiple chassis suppliers.