2020 Key Dates

Details of BusNSW Events, Seminars, Meetings, and other important industry events for 2020

Feb 13-14
NSW Premier’s Concert (ICC)
Feb 20
BusNSW AGMs/Board of Management Meeting/Delegates Forum
Feb 25
BusNSW Technical Committee Meeting No.1 (10:30am)
Feb 26
BusNSW Coach Meeting No.1 (10:30am)

Mar 12
BusNSW Employment & Training Committee Meeting No.1 (10:30am)

Apr 17-19
QBIC Conference (Gold Coast)

May 18
BusNSW Delegates Forum and Board of Management Meeting
May 22-23
TasBus Conference (Hobart)

June 18
BusNSW Associate Member Seminar (2:30pm)
June 23
BusNSW Technical Committee Meeting No.2 (10:30am)
June 24
BusNSW Coach Branch Meeting No.2 (10:30am)
June 25
BusNSW Employment & Training Committee Meeting No.2 (10:30am)

July 7-10
Certificate of Transport Management (University of Sydney – ITLS)
July 9-10
BusVIC Conference (Melbourne)

Aug 24
BusNSW Delegates Forum/ Board of Management Meeting

Sept 24
BusNSW Young Leaders Forum

Oct 11-15
BusNSW combined AGMs and Regional Seminars (Southern NSW)
Oct 19-23
BusNSW combined AGMs and Regional Seminars (Northern NSW)
Oct 27-30
Bus Industry Confederation National Conference (Rotorua NZ)

Nov 4
BusNSW Coach Branch Meeting No.3 (10:30am)
Nov 5
BusNSW Employment & Training Committee No.3 (10:30am)
Nov 5
BusNSW Board of Management Meeting (12:30pm)
Nov 10
BusNSW Technical Committee Meeting No.3 (10:30am)
Nov 19
BusNSW Associate Members Seminar (2:30pm)
Nov 20
BusNSW Platinum and Gold Partner’s Luncheon

Dec 7
BusNSW Delegates Forum/Board of Management Meeting/Christmas Function